Commercial Graduates Association (formerly Commercial School Graduates Association) is the oldest professional association in Ethiopia. It was formed in 1942 (E.C) by visionary ingenious youth thinking of fifteen, 1941 (E.C) graduates, who out of shared desire, agreed to maintain their school friendship after graduation.  They saw the need to establish periodic gathering to keep the bondage of their friendship. The idea of forming an association was further nurtured by the school director, Dr. William Naguib Nashed, who advised the group to make the association an all-embracing one so that subsequent graduates can join it.The Association began its service in a rented house near the Armenian Church at Arat Kilo.

In 1954 it moved to its current site, behind Mega Building on Bole Road by purchasing land and constructing its own building. The Association’s current building was inaugurated by His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I in 1961 (E.C) who also graciously made a donation of Birr30,000.00 towards the construction cost. 

In 2000 (E.C) the leadership of CGA initiated a construction work that includes the GYM and spa center on the ground floor and mini hall and offices on the top floor. The total cost which was 2 million Birr was covered by contributions from members and donations from organizations.  The Social Club (Edir) of members took the startup in the donation. 

At present CGA houses an all purpose hall, a modern gymnasium & spa center, fully organized tennis play grounds and various in-door games.

The Association, later on adopted a policy to embrace business professionals as members without reference to the school they obtained their training from.  This way it kept on encouraging on coming graduates to join the Association and enjoy the friendship, professional activities and entertainment programs.

CGA is one of the pioneering professional associations which continued in existence for more than 66 years thanks to the founders and senior members, the dedicated directors of the Commercial School, Dr. William Naguib Nashed and Ato Seifu Felleke and those who time and again assumed the leadership role and extended their untiring services towards the growth of the Association. 

Currently the Association has a little over 250 active full members and 100 associate and honorary members.  


CGA is being governed by its bylaws that are enacted in line with the regulation of the Federal Agency for Charities and Societies. The Amharic version of the document is attached here for detailed reference.  


To see that commercial education is upheld at the best standard so that the profession can contribute to the national economic development of the country and to the social and material growth of the society


To see that our members uphold ethical business conduct in their services to the business community and contribute to the development of the country by ensuring that commercial education is put to the best use


  • Professionalism
  • Impartiality
  • Social responsiveness
  • Friendliness
  • Transparency


  • To create a forum and facilities for members and those who graduate in commercial and business education to discuss and promote their profession
  • To work with government and non-government organizations and institutions to promote the development of commercial education in Ethiopia
  • To offer training courses to members and other beneficiaries to update and strengthen their commercial and management knowledge so that the profession can be widely used
  • To collaborate with Commercial College of Addis Ababa University and the Chamber of Commerce to offer training services to the business community
  • To encourage members to promote that professional ethics is upheld in their places work. 
  • To lay essential facilities in place for members and associate members to enable them use their spare time in healthy entertainment to keep fit
  • To create national and international linkages with similar organizations and training institutions to exchange expertise and experiences to enhance the knowledge of members and partners as well as secure material assistance.
  • To participate as much as possible in the economic and social development activities of the country
  • Organize and conduct periodic discussion forums, conferences, workshops, symposiums and entertainment programs to promote the association’s objectives.


The management of the Commercial Graduates Association is run by a Executive Committee of seven members elected by the general assembly which convenes every year.  The service term of the Executive Committee is four years with an extension of one term for three members for continuity purpose.  The day to day activities are handled by a hired manager and administration staff.

Strategic Plan

The Commercial Graduates Association general assembly has ruled that there should be a medium and long term strategic plan which will serve as a road map for future direction of the association.  There CGA Strategic Plan has been prepared. 

CGA's Contributions

  • Since the advent of the free market policy, CGA members through their business club, played vital role in the formation and establishment of various private corporations, banks and insurance companies in some of which members became Executive Committee chairperson and members
  • In collaboration with Ethiopian and Addis Ababa Chambers of Commerce, business club members of CGA have participated in various studies and subsequent suggestions for revised income taxes and related matters of interest to business enterprises
  • In collaboration with the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce, CGA provided free training in book-keeping, office management, salesmanship and customer service to members of the business community in and around the Merkato area.
  • Recognizing the shortage of trained and skilled manpower in the field of commerce, CGA in collaboration with the Commercial School of Addis Ababa, started evening glasses to provide practical training in office management, book-keeping, secretarial skills, etc. The program enabled those people who could not join day classes to gain basic commercial knowledge to run their businesses.
  • The CGA has, on many occasions, readily and positively responded to national calls for emergency and has discharged its civic duties by providing material and financial support
  • In the sport activities, besides benefiting the members in physical fitness, there were numerous achievements in ground tennis both locally and internationally.  The tennis sport contributed trained players to the national committee who represented Ethiopia in tournaments that were held within Africa.


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