Fifteen far-sighted 1941 (E.C) graduates of the commercial School founded CGA in 1942 with the aim of maintaining their school friendship after their graduation.  They strongly wanted to come together after working hours so that they can meet and discuss their work environment and their profession.  Their grand idea who supported by their school director, Mr. William Naguib Nashed who advised them to make their association to embrace previous as well as subsequent graduates.

They continued along this line and kept on accepting Commercial School graduates as members.  Their association was known as Commercial School Graduates Association which later on become Commercial Graduates Association (CGA).

This picture shows 12 founders out of 15

The names of ingenious founders are

  1. AtoAbebe Tadese(deceased)
  2. Ato Alemu Mulatu  (deceased)
  3. Ato Aytadeg Gebreyesus  (deceased)
  4. Ato Belaineh Beshah  (deceased)
  5. Ato Birhanu Endale
  6. Ato Birhanu Kidane (deceased)
  7. Ato Gorfineh Gebeyehu
  8. Fitawrari Getachew Kifle
  9. Fitawrari Kebede Desta  (deceased)
  10. Ato Tilahun Mitiku  (deceased)
  11. AtoTibebe Gebreamlak  (deceased)
  12. Ato Tilahun Kassaye  (deceased)
  13. Ato Yusuf Abubeker  (deceased)
  14. Ato Yohannes Belete
  15. Ato Yimtatu Tadese



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