Cafeteria Service

The Association has a full–fledged cafeteria service that caters service to members and their guests.

Sport Facilities

Indoor games which are designed to provide entertainment to members include billiard, pool, chess, dart, etc. Table tennis will be added to the list shortly

Outdoor Games

Currently the outdoor game provides well-developed ground tennis facility. Shortly basketball and volleyball will be added.

Fitness Center

Although currently outsourced, the Association has a well organized GYM center. It gives fitness exercises, sauna, and spa services at a discount to members.

Social welfare Club (Edir)

Full members have formed a social welfare club separate from the normal Association services.  To be a member in this club, it requires being a full member and paying registration fee and monthly contribution set by the club.  Membership is on a voluntary basis.

 Business Club

This Club is not functional at this time, however it was organized by members who are senior businessmen, entrepreneurs, investors and/or professional consultants where they discuss business issues and share experiences so that younger members can benefit and contribute to the development of the economy. The Club will shortly be running and is believed to embrace more young members who will subsequently join the association.


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