Membership type and criteria

Membership is open to all Ethiopians who are graduates of business schools and universities. There are three types of CGA membership.

Full membership is open for those who are graduates of the former Commercial School/Commercial College, and for those who hold at least first degree in business education or graduates of public administration. Full members have the right to elect and be elected to the office of the Association.

Associate membership is open for those who hold at least first degree in any discipline who appreciate and accept the by-laws and objectives of the Association. The spouse of a full member can become an associate member. 

Honorary membership is bestowed by the Association on individuals who have made a distinguishable contribution to promote the objectives of the Association. Honorary members do not pay fees 

N.B. All the above types of members have the right to use the facilities of the Association and participate and contribute at different meetings, discussion forums, conferences and workshops of the Association. Associate and Honorary members do not have voting rights.

Membership Fees

  • Full members pay membership registration fee of Birr300.00, tennis membership registration fee of Birr300.00 (optional) monthly contribution of Birr20.00 and tennis club monthly contribution of Birr45.00 (optional)
  • Associate members pay registration fee of Birr600.00 and monthly contribution of Birr70.00

The above fees are current as at August, 2016 and are subject to change as and when deemed necessary.



Member Registration

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